Monday, June 11, 2012

There you are sunshine,,

Yeah,,the sun is shining in the sunshine state again,,it has rained for the last 3 weeks here and it is getting down right since the sun was happy today I thought I would put a little pep in my step and put out my sparsely patriotic decorations..this is my table in the entrance way by the front door..I will be running to Hobby Lobby and getting more the second picture, the pictures on the wall are me and my husband in front of our roses in AZ,,seem to be the only thing we can grow there,,and below us is my mother at my younger brothers wedding like 23 years ago, she was know as the lady in the hat, she is from England and I think her British comes out in this picture(she borrowed the hat from a aunt that lived in England just for the wedding),and the big picture is a Paula Vaughn print and then my updated pictures of Marys Best,,I am still enjoying stitching this one,,I got some goodies this past week and that will be the next post..until then I pray that the sun is shining where you are and the there is a pep in your step today,,
Hugs Devon

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