Monday, June 25, 2012

Dont Forget,,

That I will be drawing the winner this evening for one of my Project Totes from my Etsy you all have probably heard we hare having major rain in Florida and I just want to know one thing,,where the hell is the sun,,I am having major withdraws from getting my vitamin D..and of course from my lovely in the mean time here are some pictures of my pretty flowers..well I hope you all are having a dry and lovely Monday..till next time,,keep smiling..


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. I'm missing the sun but the rain water perks up the flowers no end. I still like to look out of the window when it's raining and see the pretty flowers.

Deb said...

Beautiful flowers!!! If you want to send the rain up to Michigan you can do that. We are really deficient on rain this year. I've heard that you're getting quite a bit of it. Hopefully you can take advantage of being house locked and get some stitching or sewing done!

Carol said...

We need the rain badly here in PA, Devon--would gladly accept some of yours :)

Hang in there--it will be sunny and warm very soon!

DebbieSFL said...

Your flowers are lovely! We are getting hammered here in Tallahassee, too. And are under a tornado watch until mother said it is bc my namesake Tropical Storm Debby is misbehaving!!!

Catherine said...

Like Carol said, we need rain up here ~ maybe not as much as you are getting, but we need some! Hope the warm, sunshiny days are back with you soon!

Down by the sea said...

Hi Devon,
Your flowers are wonderful. I can't believe you are having no sun too!
Thank you so much for following me and leaving me such lovely comments.
Sarah x