Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am back,,from beyond...


I have been missing and for that I am sorry..but it is not all my fault..first on May 10 my second son Josh got married at our house and so that was a world wind time..and then on June 3rd my daughter gave birth to a 8lb 12oz bouncing baby boy and life has not been the same I am working 5 nights a week at Barnes and Noble..between doctors, hospitals, and keeping Max happy I am to old for this...we are enjoying him and for that I am greatful...I am thankful that I am working also for it makes me more appreciated for the little things in life..I have been able to get back into my reading which I am very happy for, I havent gotten back into my crafts as knitting or crocheting or sewing, which I am hoping to do when the weather has cooled down some..I am hoping to keep up this blog more now, that I am into some kind of a we will see..I have enclosed pictures so please enjoy them as we have enjoyed the events..thanks for being my cyber friends and hope you all are still out there...have a great week and keep in touch...I almost forgot one thing my yorkie Winston got killed by another dog,,and so after some thought I got another yorkie and picked him up on 30 May,,he is another tea cup yorkie, and his name is Toby between a new puppy, a new baby and working, it is surprising that I am still you all..