Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Savannah Georgia..

My son Jesse is here visiting,,so one of the places we took him was Savannah Georgia one of my most favorite places to go..I will let the pictures do the talking..enjoy..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Momma's Got Her Groove Back..

Now lets hope it stays for awhile...I have had a productive week,,this past week,,I have sewn,knitted,cross stitched,,and it felt great,,we also found out this morning that the house we are renting, they had put it up for sale and now they are taking it off the market and asked if we wanted to rent it for the next 18 months,,so we dont have to move now..my son Jesse is coming in tomarrow for a week to spend Thanksgiving with us,,so that will be fun times..I wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving this year,,I am thankful for a good year,,no major events and I pray for another one,,have a Blessed week everyone,,

Drawstring Pouches that will be going in my Etsy Shop..

A Knitted Scarf for my daughters friend for Christmas,,

My current Cross Stitch Project that I am working on..

A very cute freebie that I couldnt resist doing,,thanks Tanya

Friday, November 12, 2010

A quick Post..

I just wanted to pop in here and show you all a update on my Good Ships by Carriage House Sampling..I hope you all have a great weekend,,,enjoy..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Framed..

I am on cloud nine right now,,,I just framed this piece myself..long story short I took this and another piece to a chain store to get framed,,and they both turned out so bad,,I even asked the girl if she has ever framed needlework and she said yes all the time..so to say the least I took my pieces home after paying alot of money and did this one myself..I laced the back instead of using pins..and it looks fabulous..

I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to all the VETERANS out there today..thank you for keeping our country safe..hope everyone has a wonderful day..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello Monday...

Well I am still alive,,,just havent been in the mood lately for doing much,,,but that all change this past weekend,,I picked back up the needle and have been stitching ever since,,and let me tell you it feels good..now lets hope it continues..we have been doing a couple of little trips here and there and pictures will follow..the weather has been really cold the last couple of days and I am loving it,,,we went to the beach yesterday and now I know why I love living here in Florida,,,you can see green and trees anywhere but to see the beauty of the ocean and its wildlife is just breath taking..it was really windy and cold yesterday but I still loved it..I have been reading everyones blog and love looking at all the pictures from all over the world..it is my kind of escape to take..I am still reading The Roses and it is really good...The holidays are coming up fast so I will be busy baking,,I think that is my favorite part of the holidays is cooking and baking all the goodies..my mom was an awesome cook and baker,,and she made the holidays a big event every year..I made my first pie from complete scratch last week and it got eaten in record time,,and there will be more in the near future..well I hope this post finds you all keeping warm and busy,,hope you all have a blessed week...till next time...

Wind Surfers at Fernandina Beach Florida,,it was freezing and very windy..
The Seagulls were having a hard time flying with the wind,,this one was right by
our heads.
My daughter Katie and her son Max at Rogers Pumpkin Patch in Gainsville

Yeah we made it thru the Corn Maze,,I love this picture..

This one and the next are my 2 new sets of Stitch Markers in my Etsy shop..

Yeah She is Finish,,,M is for Mermaid by Prairie Schooler

My current project,,The Good Ships by Carriage House Samplings