Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not a Food Post..

Thank goodness huh,,,well I couldn't sleep last night so on pinterest I went looking,searching and whatever else we all do on it.  And I found this easy peasy skirt tutorial and thought,,I am going to make one tomorrow..of course at 2am my brain is racing and getting more ideas in it.  So this morning came and off I went to the Goodwill to find a nice tee shirt for my new skirt and to AC Moore to get some elastic thread, which I was totally in awe at since I have never seen or heard of it before. Then home I came to try out this new DIY project and in 20 minutes I have a awesome springy comfy skirt. I couldn't believe it, because in stores these puppies are expensive..and the total cost for mine was Shirt-$3.50, Thread-$1.97=$5.47 Sweettttttttt..and I see many more skirts in my future..well I hope you all had and productive day and we will chat again soon I am sure of it,,till then,,hugs and lots of stitches..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another hit for a new Dinner item,,,

I just love it when I make a new item for dinner and it turns out amazing,,,like this Asiago-Crusted
Pork Chop,,it is so tasty. The fresh Thyme and Lemon really do it for me,,if you would like to try it here
and let me know how you like it,,I served mine with smashed cauliflower..enjoy.