Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lookie what the Postman brought me,,

Some of the goodies I got in the mail this past week,,
top left-The Strawberry Collection by Heartstring Samplery, when I first saw this pattern I knew I had to have it,,who can pass up strawberries..
top right-some WDW's for a Shepherds Bush ornament.
bottom left-Summer by Blackbird Design,,again it has berries.
bottom right-my new favorite pair of scissors,,how can you not love them from Anita's little Stitches..

Well there you have it,,my new stash,,did you get any new stash this week,,if so please share it..well the storm Debby has past over us and we are having overcast skies,,but no rain thanks they are saying we are having hot hot days to come,,which is fine with we,,as I am having major withdraws from going to the beach,,so here is to hoping the people that would love rain will get some and the people that want sunshine will be shinning soon,,till next time,,


Chris said...

I love your new stash!!!
One of my girlfriends gave me some lovely things,linen and such, since she is not stitching right now.

Catherine said...

Wonderful new stash ~ I especially love the Strawberry Collection!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous charts

City Of Karis said...

Nothing beats seeing a package from the mailman for the supplies that you ordered so that you can finally get creative :)

Anonymous said...

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