Monday, January 31, 2011

Well Well...

it is monday already...boy the weekends just seem to go by so fast..we had a beautiful weather here in north florida for the whole weekend.. my hubby and I went to Amelia Island Saturday and had a lovely time..walked around and looked in the shops,,then we ended it with a beautiful walk on the beach..I can never get tired of walking on the beach,,it is just somethng about looking out into the mass body of water that there is no end in sight to..just beautiful..I did have a productive weekend also, I sewed up one sun dress for my darling grandaughter and cut out another one for her(pictures to come soon),,sewed up a project envelope in which I will be having a giveaway(posting it tomarrow so come back tomarrow)with it..and I have been stitching on Emma which I am enjoying working on it..and last but not least I made up this cute little necklace for little ole me this morning,,I was looking on Etsy at their initial necklaces and wanted one that was personilize to me..and thought I have the supplies to make my this is what I came up with,,my initinal,starfish for the love of the ocean,and my birthday stone..not to bad,,I can see my daughter-law getting one for her birthday next month with her kids initials and birthday stones on it..Well I hope you all have a peachy week,,


Almost Precious said...

They say; "Time flies when you're having fun", so sounds like you were having a wonderful and fun filled weekend. :)
I can not imagine living in a land-locked state as I've always lived fairly near to water...first in California and now on the West Coast of Florida.

I love your initial pendant, it looks so professional, just like one in a jewelry shop, beautiful ! You did a marvelous job in making it.

Patty's Stitches said...

Now that I've found your blog I may have to put down the knitting needles and pick up a cross stitch project that has been waiting a VERY long time for me to complete it. Your work is beautiful!