Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Dark Queen-Book Review

I finished reading the Dark Queen by Susan Carroll. It is not the first book of Carroll's I have read,,and it wont be the last I have been reading her books for years and have liked everyone I have read, this one included.. One of the things I like about Carroll's books are the history she entwines in her stories..along with the plots and characters..In the Dark Queen a island with 3 sisters know as the Cheney Sisters of Faire Isle,,the plot entails the encounters of them and the Dark Queen Catherine de Medici, and the dashing comte de Renard..It has action,history,romance,and a mystical flare to it,,it is the first one of the trilogy of the sisters..so look for the other two to be read this year also..


Marg said...

This was my first Susan Carroll novel and I loved it. I really need to get back to her and read the last two books in this series.

Devon said...

Marg, you should read her other ones also The Bride Finder and The Night Drifter are also great reads,,

Marg said...

I've read that trilogy to. It's The Huntress and Twilight of a Queen that I haven't read yet. I also haven't read Winterbourne and Shades of Winter yet, or any of her standalone novels.