Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello Monday...

Well it is getting back to a semi normal routine around here,,hubby is back to work after having a week off..daughter is still out of school and will return next week,,so now I can get back to my routine and maybe relax some..Well the year started off really good,,,my daughter whom I have been pushing to get a job got one on New Years Day,,she is working at a Japanese Restaraunt and seems to like it only after one long day of working there. And I have already finished my first book for 2011, I will be posting a review in the next couple of days..I have been known to post New Years Resolutions but I have changed my mind this year,,I will post things I would like to accomplish this year, that way if I dont succeed then I wont feel guilty about it..some of them are the norm like exercising more, losing weight,spending more time on my crafts,saving money,but this year I want to add making more meals out of the collection of cookbooks I have aquired,and baking new recipes,,I would love to do what Julie did in Julie and Julia I think that would be so neat,,but I dont have the motivation to keep with I will just stick to trying new recipes out of my cookbooks..Well I hope you all have a wonderful year and may your dreams be full field in it..many hugss..

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Pumpkin said...

Congrats to your daughter! I hope she will continue to like her job :o)

I always say do what you feel is comfortable. Why put more pressure on yourself?