Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tote bags/envelopes..

These are in my Etsy shop, they are great for taking those projects in the car,,so your not toting a great big bag..or using a plastic bag..I have at least 3 with projects in them..and they make great gifts as christmas isnt that far away..I started making these for my stitching friends to take to the stitch in,,and if there is not a pattern you like then I would love to see if I could do a special order for you,,thanks for looking and come and have a look...


Almost Precious said...

I do love the butterfly print, it's really pretty.

Read in your comment on my blog that you're also in Florida. Florida's a nice place to be during the winter unfortunately my hubby and I sweat out the summers here as well. We're not one of those lucky snowbirds with a home up north to retreat to when the temps and the humidity climbs up towards 100.
Since you're up near the Tallahassee area you've probably been to St. Augustine, it's one of our favorite places to visit.

trudette said...

I am glad I found your /blog,
love the butterfly print !