Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have been Hooked..

That is hooked by the ripple crochet pattern,,,I finished one I started along time ago and started another one right away and that is all I want to do is work on it..it is a easy and quick pattern and I am loving how the colors are looking,,I wanted to use up my stash of yarn so this is what I came up with,,I am using mostly Vanna yarns in baby and solid colors and there are a few of Bernat 4's in there to..also when my arms are falling off from chrocheting to much I am reading,,it is in a series and I am like on #6, I love Karen Marie Monings book and this is a go between a romance,science fiction,fairy,vampire..if you like that kinda of stuff then I would recommend the Highlander Series by Karen Marie Moning,,well I am off to read,,so I hope you all are having a blessed Tuesday,,,till next time..


staci said...

Congrats on your ripple finishes! You'll be so warm and cozy this winter :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I've read all of Karen Marie Monings books...and am desperately awaiting the release of her final in the Fae "Fever" series...it is YUM-O!!!
The Highlander ones are great too! and I think in this final book of the Fever series we'll see the connection to the Highlander Series.

Diana said...

Ooh, that's a nice pattern! The colour possibilities are endless! I like the multi-coloured one!