Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Local LNS

I am one of the lucky ones,,that have a decent size Local Needlework Store close to them,,and here I thought it was alot farther away from me then it was,,when we first moved down here and was still living in a hotel..we drove around looking for it and it seemed like it was at least an hour away from I never wanted to go to it,,until last friday..when I set out to find it,,and low and behold it is only half an hour away from my house,,I was in total awe,,I couldnt believe it was that close..I was so excited to have not only a needlework store but a yarn store in the it to..and boy they got all the yummy yarns..I was talking to one of the girls today,,and she said they have been there for 30 years and have had only 2 owners and she thinks why they have lasted so long is that they have a combination of cross stitch,needlepoint,knitting and crochet..and so it seems it might be around for a very long time..well I did get some more goodies some week dye threads and a Little House Needlework pattern,,if I didnt have so many knitting and crocheting projects going already I would have picked up some of their yummy yarn..well here are some pictures to enjoy,,if you are ever in Jacksonville Florida you can stop by and visit them at A Stitch In Time..



Kathy A. said...

Oh my what a great shop. When I die can I ask my DH to bury me there!!!

Bright Circle said...

I don't even do needlework, but the last two photos are beckoning me! All that colour hanging in neat hanks on the walls is irresistible.

Annette said...

I can remember when you could find shops like this everywhere! How lucky you are to have one so close!

Barb said...

Arent you the lucky one, I must admit I think hmmmm half an hour away,would not be good for the bank balance but oh I could die
Will look forward to seeing lots of projects in various stages of progress now lol.
Warm wishes from the UK