Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Part 2, Savannah Georgia and WIP..

Hope all is well on this beautiful tuesday,,,well we are going to Savannah Georgia today,,it is one of my favorite cities to visit..it is only a 2 hour drive from my house so not a bad day trip at all..my son really liked it to..and on these drive trips I was able to get some knitting done..well have a seat and enjoy the pictures,,,and tomarrow we will go to the Jacksonville Zoo and Riverwalk Artist Market..

First up is my finished dishcloths,,made in the car trips..christmas presents,,
This is my WIP a new pattern for me,,Chervon Scarf,,I am liking this alot..
This house above is the Mercer House if you ever saw the movie In the Garden of Good and Evil this is where it was filmed at..

And I couldnt pass up this really Pink House,,it sure did stand out..
A walk thru one of the many squares that are in Historical Savannah..
On top picture of me and my son Matt infront of the fountain ..and the next one is a row of houses down one of the streets..

One of the old Churches in Savannah..
And Down on Riverfront the street was lined with shops and restraurants..

One of the many boats docked on the riverfront
Well I hope you like the pictures,,,if you ever get a chance to go to Savannah I would do it..it is a beautful city..

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Week Part 1..

Wow what a week I just had,,,a good week at that. My oldest son Matt was visiting and we went all over the place..he had a great time and loves Florida..Monday we went to St Augustine, it was freezing cold and windy but we survived..we went to the Old Fort there and went shopping downtown. Wednsday we drove up to Savannah Georgie and went to the riverwalk in dowtown and walked around historic dowtown Savannah it was a beautiful day and we had a great time..Thursday we went to the Jacksonville Zoo and it was quit nice,,last time we went it was hot and humid and this time it was great weather and the animals were all out..Saturday we went to the Jacksonville Riverwalk Artist Market that is held every saturday from March to December..it was freezing cold but alot of fun, we even got to go on a boat ride down the St Johns river..loved it..and sunday he went back to Arizona, I miss him already..I have been knitting while in the car for all the car rides,,I have fishined projects to show you and a new project,,but in this post I will show off some of our places we went to this past week,,hope you enjoy the pictures, I will be doing this trip in parts as there is alot of pictures..so stay turn for part 2 tomarrow..Devon

Reenactment,,boy those guns were load...

The outside of the Fort

Looking from the top level down into the Court Yard

Inside the Fort going to the top level

Soldiers getting ready for a reenactment..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh My Oh My Oh My....

Oh My am I in stash heaven,,,unfortunatley a quilt store by me is closing..and everything including fixures and displays are 50% off starting today,,so we were on our way to St Augustine today and I told my hubby that we are making a pit stop by the quilt shop,,now 2 hours later we are finally on the road to St Augustine but I am one happy camper..I got all this for just over $200 dollars..and the dish drain I absolutely love it is holding my Fiesta Ware dishes for all to see now..and that was my husbands idea..and the fabric nothing was under 2 yards of it..It was great I had my husband and son there and they held the fabric while I looked around and then while I was in the cutting line..and then when it was close to getting my turn I had my son went to get into the checkout line..it was a great stragergy plan if I do say so myself..
Also today is my sons Jesse 21st birthday so Happy Birthday Jesse,,have a great one..St Augustine was very cold and windy but we had a good time..well I hope you all are having a great monday,,till next time...keep those fingers moving..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well I have been busy crocheting and doing nothing else as far as crafting goes..I finished the second baby blanket and it was fun to work on..love the colors..they are bright and fun..who says baby blankets all have to be pastels..I have one more to make and then I am hoping to move onto another craft..we will see...until then enjoy the pictures and have a marvalous day...till next time keep those fingers moving...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rain Rain go away...

So much for our lovely sunny weather,,,it is raining here again...oh well at least the birds are still singing..I have added some more scissor fobs to my Etsy shop,,,I also have been working on #2 Baby Blanket pictures to follow soon..my oldest son comes out this saturday for a week so we are looking forward to the visit and company...I cant believe it,,we have been in florida for 6 months already, that went by fast..and we are loving it more and more..we cant wait to start exploring more of the souther part of the state..well until next time,,keep those fingers moving..take care.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Monday...

Well the sun is shining here in florida and so it looks like it will be a good day...boy did this weekend go by fast..but I did have a finish...the baby afghan I started is now done...and so I can start the next one,,,I think I am in my granny square mood,,which is not a bad thing but all my other moods are being neglected..oh I am sure this will pass and I will be back to my sewing,cross stitching,and reading..but until I am,,I am enjoying the softness of the yarns and the satisfaction that one of my grandchildren will be snuggling with a blankie I made for them..well I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week,,,and remember keep those fingers moving...till next time...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Busy Week,,and a Winner..

What a week it has been,,,it started out sunny and blue skies and ended on a cloudy gray rainy day..oh well gave me time to do alot of stuff inside..it has been a busy week,,at least for me it has been...Monday and Tuesday I worked which is always a good thing...Wendsday I went out with some friends from work and we saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D and it was really good..first 3D movie I have seen and it wont be the last..Thursday I spent the day in my sewing room and today I am going to Michaels and Joanns to get more supplies..well I have alot of pictures to show you,,I have new items in my Etsy store and started a new crochet project which brings me to tell you all I am going to be a grandmother again but to a baby girl...I have 3 grandsons so we are all excited she is due July 18,,so last night I went thru my yarn stash and pick out baby colors to start a granny square blanket for her..also my youngest grandson which will be her big brother turn 1 yesterday so Happy Birthday Bryson,,,he is on the small side as he had a rough start in life,,he was born with his intestines outside his body and was in the hospital for the first 4 months of his life..but is doing great now..almost walking and is crawling really fast as I am told all over the place..we are hoping to be going out to Arizona in July so see all the grandkids and kids..and so I have been busy with crafting, mailing boxes and picking a winner for my feburary drawing,,,would you like to know who that is,,oh silly me of course you would I have sent her an email already so the winner is,,,,Prairie WindDesign...congrats..and stay tuned to my blog as I have a giveaway every month..now on for the pictures...thanks for visiting me today and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,,,till next time keep those fingers moving... Devon

The Birthday Boy,,,Bryson...
A Couple of new drawstring bags in my shop...

A new granny square blanket for a new grandaughter...

And a new scissor fob in my shop..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Goodies and Saturday Night Dinner

Hello Everyone
Hope this Sunday is finding you all relaxed and refreshed..the sun is shinning bright here in Florida hope it is shinning where you are..yesterday my hubby and I went to a awesome outlet mall just on the edge of St Augustine and we had a blast,,spent 6 hours there and I am feeling it today...they have 4 yes 4 kitchen stores and I was in heaven..a got a cut litte teapot timer and a hand juicer,,we did a alot of visual Christmas shopping for the grand babies..my hubby came away with 2 pair of shorts and 3 pair of rebook tennis shoes..he seems to wear them out rather quickly..after our trek to the outlet mall we came home and I made a delious dinner of Orange Chicken and Chow Mein..and it turned out very yummy...also this week I got my scissor order in from Stitching Bits and Bobs..and they are so darn pretty...well I hope you have a great day..

Orange Chicken and Chow Mein..
My 3 new pair of scissors..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whats For Dinner

Well I have been wanting to make short ribs for a while so I search the internet for a good recipe and came up with this one..and let me tell you it was good and tasty..here are pictures of the delious dinner and the recipe..enjoy..

Braised Short Ribs with Garlic Mash Potatoes and Corn and Italian bread and butter..yummy........
Cooking away in the Crockpot..

And for desert Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting..again yummy.......
And now is the recipe from Bon Appetit

Braised Short RibsA perfect dinner for the whole family—
4 1/2 pounds 3-inch-long beef short ribs
Coarse kosher salt
2 cups dry red wine
1 14.5-ounce can diced tomatoes in juice
1 6-ounce package sliced button mushrooms
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
6 garlic cloves, peeled
6 fresh Italian parsley sprigs
2 bay leaves
Crusty bread
Sprinkle ribs with coarse salt and pepper. Place in even layer in slow cooker. Add next 7 ingredients, cover, and cook on low heat until meat is tender, about 8 hours
Using slotted spoon, transfer ribs to serving bowl. Discard parsley and bay leaves. Spoon fat off top of sauce and pour sauce over ribs. Serve with bread.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is to Cool not to pass along..

I was surfing the net for Nora Ephon stuff and found this site..this is way cool..check it out..


I am not a big movie watcher but when I am in the mood I am a big movie watcher if that makes sense..so yesterday I went thru our DVD's and pick a stack of movies I would like to watch..of course 99.9 percent of them are Chic Flicks is there anything else worth watching???So yesterday I started off by watching Julie and Julia and let me tell you I loved it,,,and I am one of those weird people if I watch or see something I like then I get into the mood to do that thing,,,so last night I cooked my husband a delious dinner out of one of Ina Garten cookbooks and I felt like Julie..and it turned out delious..so are you a big movie watcher or a spur of the moment one like me..here is the stack of movies I pick to watch...I have seen some of them already and really liked them and some I have not..so what movies would you watch??? Till next time keep those fingers moving and dont forget about my giveaway..


Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello Sunshine...

Good morning all my blog friends and family,,,so good to see you all on the first day of March and a sunny one here in Northeast Florida..well it is a new month and new updates..and a new giveaway...so where do I begin..well lets begin with the updates,,,here are Febuarys accomplishments..
Books Read-4
Cross Stitch-1
and as you can see I only accomplished 1 cross stitch as I was working on this little gem the last week and The Tea Shop the rest of the time..oh well I am hoping March will be a more productive month for me in that area..I did read 4 books and did finish my Feb Challenge one for Celebrate the Author just in time,,,well I will let the updated pictures do the talking,,,enjoy

Now for the Giveaway, the picture below is what this month Giveaway will be,,you will receive one of my drawstring pouches,,4 crochet coasters made by yours trully..and a little notepad to put in your purse and a Elizabeths Design Pattern that reminds us that spring is just around the corner..all you have to do is add me as a follower,,leave a comment here with your email address and you will get 2 chances into the drawing pot..I will draw the winning name on March 11th,,my grandson Bryson's first birthday...so good luck and have a marvalous day...till next time keep those fingers moving...