Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another small finish....

Happy Sunday everyone,

I finished this small freebie by Little House Needleworks last night,,I had to rip out 3/4 of the border since I miss placed the wording and the last side of the border would'nt fit right,,I still like it without it...this concludes my patriotic stitching,,now I can move onto my project I've been wanting to stitch for a while and that is Beneath the Sunlit sky by BBD,,well here are pictures of my finished item,,hopefully I will be posting pictures of some of my project in progress,,also we went to see my grandson Bryson who is still in the hospital and he is doing alot better,,all they are waiting for is for him to gain some more weight and then he can come home,,he is 31/2 months old of him and my other 2 grandsons will be coming this week,,,they are all growing so fast..well till next time take care..


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Finish,,,,

Happy Day,,

Even thou it is a small project it is still a finish,,this was a fun one to do, I just finished this tonight and I am happy how it turned out..I changed some colors around I used blue for the 1776 instead of brown and I used dmc 321 for the red and a dmc 945 for the face and hand I also outlined the house in blue instead of the brown. I have started Summer House by Little house needlworks which was a freebie I am hoping to have that one done by the 4th of July we will see. Also it is a sad day we have lost 3 great icons that I grew up with, please be in prayer for the families...they will be missed...well the weekend is right around the corner I hope all you fellow bloggers out there will have a great one.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Its another week....

Well I cant believe June is almost over,,we had a nice fathers day I of course had to work but I didnt have to go in till 2 so we went out to eat for lunch had a nice time..The weather here has finally hit over 100,,we have enjoyed the 90's and now summer is here in Arizona..I have been stitching and buying. Here are some pictures of the stitching I have been doing, I am really hoping to get the patriotic one done before the 4th July..I did get a couple more mofits done on the quaker one. I really want to stitch Beneath the Sunlit Sky by Blackbird design I got all the supplies in and now just waiting to finish the one I am working on..We are hopefully going to be moving to Florida the Jacksonville area between Aug & Oct,,my husbands job is tranfering there and so we will be leaving Arizona by the end of the year..we are ready to move..we have been in Arizona for 14 years and since we are ex military we are not use to staying in one place for more then 3 years so this move is long over due, plus I am really missing the green and rain..well that is all for now I hope you all have a wonderful week till next time..keep the needles moving...


Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Stitching

I have a finish yeahhhh,,,my first in a couple of years as I am just now picking back up my needle from taking about a 2 year break...and I am happy with the result...I finish the Bookshelf by Little House Needlework, and I picked back up my french quaker freebie I am stitching this over one on 28ct Lugana using Week Dye Works Mulberry thread.,,only till my supples come in for Blackbird design Beneth the Sunlit sky which I cant wait to here are some pictures hope you enjoy them...Also on the reading front, I finished Persuasion and really liked it. Now I am reading Pride and Prejudice..hope you all have a wonderful week,,,till next time..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Wednsday.....


Today I have off of work and it is very quiet here,, I am enjoy my coffee and computer time...I want to show you all what goodies I got last night,,at my work they are having a buy 2 get one free dvd sale so I couldnt pass it up,,also at the grocery store they had the same same and got some dvd's there,, also all the Barnes and Noble classics are on sale for buy 2 get one free and I had to jump on that to,,,I am almost done reading Persuasion and I think I will read Pride and Predjudice next I am really enjoying it..well I hope you all have a wonderful week out there and here are some pictures to enjoy...