Sunday, February 9, 2020

Hello Friends

Happy Sunday to you,
It has been a productive one for me..I have uploaded a bunch of new items in my Etsy shop @ come have a look..and that took all morning. I have been watching a lot of flosstubes this past week, iechere are some you might want to check out 1. Brenda and the Serial Starter. 2. Nicoles Needlework. 3. Handmademaniac 4. Sunshine Stitchers. 5. Niecie Lynn.
Also I have a new one out you can find mine @ Cottage on Cherry Creek Way on youtube..
So what else have I been up? Work I have had to work a couple extras day the past 2 weeks and I have been stitching alot. I have a big finish...The Six Fat snowmen is finished as of Feb 6. And I brought out a old wip to have finish soon keeping fingers cross. Hubbys and mine Anniversary is this wednesday and we are going down to St Augustine for the day its only about a 45 minute drive for us so not to bad..
I am really ready for spring to come and get my garden going. We had really good luck with flowers last year so we are tapering back on veggies and planting more flowers, it brings the humming birds and butterflies around and we love sitting out back and watching them.
Well i thing that is about it for now I will leave you with some pictures to enjoy. Till next time have a blessed week and we will talk soon.
Hugs Devon