Monday, December 29, 2008

Whats in the works...


I am just sitting here at the computer thinking of all the projects I would love to do in the comin g year..I am really going to try and make alot of them,, there are 3 girls so they will be easy. We had a beautiful day here today in Arizona it was around 70 of course I worked most of the day but I did get to enjoy some of it..I dont know about any of you but I do know if I didnt read so many blogs I would probly get alot more done..but I read blogs from all over the world and it is like reading a book, they take me to a different place and I just get lost in them,,with all the pictures of where they live and visit and all of there beautiful homes..for that I thank you all for writing and posting such lovely blogs,,please dont onto my most current project I have another grandson due the first of April another boy, he has some health problems going on right now, the intenstines are outside of the body so they will have to do surgery right after he is born and said he will have to stay in the hospital for 2-4 weeks. So the next project is going to be a granny square baby blanket for him,,I like these colors and I will be doing a white row around everyone of them. Well I must at least go and do the dishes, thank you for stopping by and reading, and leave a comment I would love to hear from you where ever you live.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

I want to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..I am off the next 2 days which I am sure will be pack with stuff to do..but that is ok. I wanted to let you know that I finished my afghan and have enclosed pictures also a picture of a chair I am going to be buying myself as soon as I haved saved up the money it is from IKEA..isnt it pretty...well tomarrow will be shopping baking and to you all later..


Friday, December 19, 2008

Another milestone and some baking...

Well what a day,,,my baby who is 16 got her license to drive today...and got 100 on it...the last one after 3 boys...and while she did that I did some baking,,,not all I have to do but I made a big dent in it...I whipped out 2 batches of chocolate chip,a batch of cranberry and orange,snickerbar and peanutbutter,and I still have to do a batch of Puppychow (no not the dog food)..but I thought I would post a couple of pictures one of my daughter and her son Max and of my baking so far...hope you all are having an enjoyable friday as I am...till next time..


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everything Roses...

I hope this post finds you all enjoying the holiday season,,I went out this morning and did some more shopping..but I wanted to show off my Roses while everyone else is under winter storms and snow condition we here in Arizona are finally enjoying our Roses,,,mine included..Also I enclosed a updated picture of the afghan I am working on...till next time Happy Holidays..