Monday, December 17, 2012

I am still here,,

I am still here just been real busy making presents,cleaning and with only 1 week left before Christmas I better start on the baking,,but first I would like to tell you we had our EGA Christmas party this past Saturday, and I had a fabulous time. It started out in a cute little Tea Shop in downtown Riverside Florida, and it was perfect. In the first 4 pictures are some of the lovely ladies in our EGA, then the next one is what I had for lunch Tomato and Basil quiche with tomato herb soup, I also tried a new tea Prince of Whales and that was awesome..
Then after lunch we proceeded to this beautiful house for our party,,one of the ladies works here Thanks Melody,,and it was the perfect setting..and then the other pictures are of a House that is on the same street known as the castle house where 2 sisters live,, and a picture of the street it is just beautiful in this area on the St Johns river. And we did get some stitching done, infact I finished mine that I have been working on forever..Pictures to come soon. Well I will leave you here, I hope you all have a wonderful week.