Sunday, September 6, 2020

Happy Sunday

 Hello friends, 

Hope you are all well today. It is a Rainey day here in NE Florida which makes it a good crafty day..I have added some cute Halloween items to my Etsy shop this morning Strawberrylane.

Also I’m working on my Christmas Garden by blackbird for sampler Sunday.

Well that’s it for today hope you all have a relaxing day.
Hugs Devon

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Happy Mail...

 Good morning. 

I wanted to show the prim floss club from Victorian Motto

I got in the mail..I love these colors. Also some new items in my Etsy shop Strawberrylane.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday till next time..
Hugs Devon

Thursday, September 3, 2020


 Just popping on here to post a couple of pics from the last  couple of months. Nothing happening today just relaxing...

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Good morning

 Hello Friends,

Hope this Wednesday finds you well. I have work tonight so I will just be relaxing till then. But I wanted to share with you all what I did yesterday. I tea/coffee dyed paper some plain sheet and some music sheets out of a old hymnal I picked up at a thrift store. It was fun and they turned out beautifully. I will be using them in my journals and floss tags I make. I am falling down the paper/junk journaling rabbit hole hard. I love everything about it, and the beautiful choices of paper out there is overwhelming. I will post pictures as the items are made. Well I will leave you with pictures of the papers that I dyed and some more flowers from my garden.

Hugs Devon

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

I’m still alive

 Hello my friends,

If your still here thank you. I have had a very quiet summer as I bet a lot of you have. I’ve gotten a new client at work in the beginning of June as Mr Joe passed away. He is missed as I was with him for 7 years. I am now helping take care of a sweet guy name Jay. I have been crafting and gardening which is taking up the majority of my time. We have learned a lot this year in our garden and looking forward to next year. My birthday is next month and hubby and I our planning a day trip to Savannah Ga and I’m so looking forward to that..I’m hoping to get back to making Flosstube videos next week, it just seems I’m busy doing something else on my days off. Also this Thursday I will be having a shop update in my Etsy shop @ with new to shop items..well let me leave you with some pictures of items of this past summer. Hope you all are well and safe. 

Hugs Devon

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Hello Friends

Happy Sunday to you,
It has been a productive one for me..I have uploaded a bunch of new items in my Etsy shop @ come have a look..and that took all morning. I have been watching a lot of flosstubes this past week, iechere are some you might want to check out 1. Brenda and the Serial Starter. 2. Nicoles Needlework. 3. Handmademaniac 4. Sunshine Stitchers. 5. Niecie Lynn.
Also I have a new one out you can find mine @ Cottage on Cherry Creek Way on youtube..
So what else have I been up? Work I have had to work a couple extras day the past 2 weeks and I have been stitching alot. I have a big finish...The Six Fat snowmen is finished as of Feb 6. And I brought out a old wip to have finish soon keeping fingers cross. Hubbys and mine Anniversary is this wednesday and we are going down to St Augustine for the day its only about a 45 minute drive for us so not to bad..
I am really ready for spring to come and get my garden going. We had really good luck with flowers last year so we are tapering back on veggies and planting more flowers, it brings the humming birds and butterflies around and we love sitting out back and watching them.
Well i thing that is about it for now I will leave you with some pictures to enjoy. Till next time have a blessed week and we will talk soon.
Hugs Devon

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy New Year

Hello my friends,
Hope you are all well and finding peace with the new year. I’m a little sad today as we take down our Christmas decorations, I have really enjoyed them this year. Well I’m hoping this year will bring peace and a lot of crafting time. So far neither has happen as I have been busy for the last 3 days.. but it is still early in the year so I have faith it will come.

I have had 2 finishes so far one is the square in my Six Fat snowmen and I only have 1 more to go..and I have another Prairie Schooler Santa done which is 2010 Santa that will make a total of  7 Santa’s stitch so far..

And these are my 2 New Year’s Day starts LW Mofit Sampler which I’m enjoying so far I’m stitching it on 36 platinum Edinburg linen using called for colors.
And the second is is word play by Brenda Gervais and I’m stitching that on 36 ct Vintage country mocha Edinburg linen. And I think I’m going to change a color or 2 in that..

And I have also updated my Etsy shop and I’m hoping to add more bags in the near shop you can find it at
And I have started reading again and I am really enjoying reading again.
And I’m listening to this one and I’m loving this one to..
Well my friends that is all for now. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend till next time.
Keep a smile on your face and the needles moving..

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Hello my Friends

Boy I can not keep up with this blog if my life depended on it..I have been working, stitching and creating..busy busy busy. But that is ok I am in my happy place when I do. Today is Saturday before Thanksgiving and again it is another busy weekend. So I am going to try and get this blog post up before the year ends and I am missing in action again.
One thing I want to let you all know I have added new items in my Etsy store and they are selling fast, so come check them out also I started a face book page for   Etsy store at Strawberrylane, I would love for you to check that out to.
Now onto the good stuff. Here is what I have been stitching on for the last couple of months.

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions about any of the stitch pieces please leave a message and I will answer there. See you all later and have a blessed day.