Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well it is a quiet day here in the Hanna house..we really arent doing alot,,just kinda of chillin. The weather has turned cold well cold for me..So far I have worked on my queen size blanket pictures to follow..and me and my hubby watched the movie The Other Boelyn Girl,, we really like that movie,,and also we are making our way thru the first season of The Tudors, another great series..well todays is going to be short and sweet I hope you all are having a great weekend..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..



Annette said...

I just love how bright and colorful that blanket has turned out!

Janean said...

please do not tell me you actually crocheted that QUEEN-sized bed cover??? If so, you are very talented indeed.

Tamar Hammer said...

Amazing blanket Devon! What a great project for the winter!
Mary Christmas and Happy New year!

Michelle said...

Beautiful blanket!!! You asked on my blog about what count fabric I stitched the Shepherds Bush stockings on - I stitched them on 18ct, which is what the charts call for. They come out really BIG that way, which is fun! But, then switching back to stitching on a high count fabric makes your head spin!