Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hello December

Well here I am only 10 months to write a post. You would think I have been having a exciting life but nothing really has been going on. I am still working being a caregiver for the same guy, and I am enjoying it more. I have completely lost my knitting mojo but don't worry I have totally found my stitching and sewing mojo. I have completed 2 stitching projects since June and started 2 others and I have plans for a new start on Christmas and another new start on New Years. I have also acquired some new stash and some new designers. New things have been popping in my Etsy shop so go have a look and I have big plans for the coming year for my shop so keep a eye out for them..I am feeling great and I am crediting it to that I have been taking my vitamins religiously. And I swear I am not going to get sick this holiday season...we don't have any big plans for Christmas or New Years and we had a quiet Thanksgiving. Well I will stop here and leave you with some pictures. Here is to a great month December is going to be..take care my friends till next time.

A soon to be new start...
Some newly acquired stash..
and some more new stash..
Some new Christmas totes in the shop (snoopy and black one are sold)

A new item in shop needle minders..

A fun and finished project

and my second finish


Robin in Virginia said...

Great finishes, Devon! I really like the new additions to your Etsy shop. Enjoy your day!

woolwoman said...

yummy stash Devon, love your new blog header too. Beautiful photo! I love those French pieces you got, can't wait to see those WIP's in 2016. the BBD one has been on my radar for so long - I should start it with you but you see I say "start it" because you always finish. Love the kitty garden finish. See you soon - Mel

KDono62139 said...

Great finished pieces Devon! Love love your stash wow youve been busy stitching ! Looking forward to seeing your wip pieces :)

Jackie's Stitches said...

So good to see you today! You've got some great plans for 2016! Looking forward to seeing your progress.