Sunday, December 13, 2015

WIP's,Upcoming new Projects,and Christmas Pretties

I hope this post finds you all in good health and enjoying the holiday season. I am taking Christmas week off so I have from 17th-27th off and I will be baking my little heart out.  Last year I missed out on all the baking as I was to sick to do it. The weather here in NE Florida has been beautiful this past week and I have been outside with my client everyday enjoying the warm sunshine and reading a awesome book. It is called The Last Time I saw Paris by Lynn Sheene it is set in the 1940's between New York and Paris, if you haven't read it go check it out. I have been doing some stitching also one item I can't show you as it is a Christmas present for a special person but as soon as she receives it I will post a picture. But my current wips are Quarker Garden by Blackbird design which is my main project right now and my other one is The Woolgatherer by Shepherds Bush. I was hoping to have Quaker Garden done by New Year's Day but it doesn't look like it. I have 2 new starts planned to start on Christmas Day they are Tis the Season by Blackbird Design and there is a sal group on Facebook so if any of you want to stitch it come join the group. There isn't a start date just whenever you want to stitch it. And the other is Waterlily by Nora Corbett. I am looking forward to starting them. I really don't know what has gotten into me I used to be a 1 project person but that is not anymore and really I don't feel bad about is to short to be a 1 project person anymore 😉. We decorated the house and tree. Thanksgiving weekend and I want to share some of my pretties with you all, I love seeing everyone's decorations and believe it I love seeing all the snow pictures, part of me wants to live in it and part of me says not even..
Well I think that is it for now till next time take care,

The following 2 are my current wip's Quaker Garden by Blackbird and Wool Gatherer by Shepherds Bush.

The following is going to be a New Years start for me it is a Heaven and Earth design by Jasmine Beckett Griffth.
The Following are some of our Christmas Decorations this year..


Robin in Virginia said...

What a great post to see and read this morning! Your Quaker Garden piece is looking good. Have fun with your new starts on Christmas and New Year's Days. Merry Christmas wishes to you, Devon!

woolwoman said...

such a funny post - probably the reason for your change or decline from being a one project person is called E G A - lol ! but we sure have fun don't we! Love your Quaker garden - going to be beautiful. Glad you have some time off from work - enjoy it all ! Mel

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