Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jacksonville Zoo & Riverwalk Artist Market Pt 3

Hope everyone is having a good week,,,sorry for not posting this yesterday was under the weather..better today..but before I get to the trip pictures I have to wish my little Toby a happy second birthday,,,yes he was born on April fools day,,but he is to cute to be a Happy Birthday Toby we can move on..I love Jacksonville Zoo,,it was a beautiful day and the animals were all wasnt crowded as we thought it would be since we saw tons of school buses in the parking was a nice slow day after rushing around Savannah and St Augustine (parking meters)..I have not done any crafts or reading this week,,,I know I am a bad bad crafter..but hopefully I will be back at it soon..on another note,,I am really wanting to go down to the Florida Keys but I must first lose some weight,,so a little over 21/2 weeks ago I started my new way of eating not a diet as I dont like that word and this past sunday I started walking on the treadmill..and I am down 10lbs,,so that is half my goal to go to the florida keys is to lose 20lbs..of course I know alot of it was water weight but hey 10lbs is 10lbs..I still have alot more to lose but one small step at a time..the weather here has turn beautiful low 70's and sunny,,no rain in the forcast...hope it is sunny where you all are at...well now for the the pictures..sit back and enjoy... Devon

The Birthday Boy,,,Happy Birthday sweet Toby...

On the St Johns river some houses along it..

A view of downtown Jacksonville Florida

This lady had the most beautiful strawberrys I have ever seen,,and yes we did get some..

There were farmers market there along with vendors and eating places..very cool..

These were some very pretty Flamingo's never seen orange ones before..

One of my favorite Birds..

You could feed the giraffes,,they are so beautiful..

They have a stingray pool you pay extra to go into,,but it is so get to touch the stingrays and they are very slimmy feeling..but so cool...


DebbieSFL said...

Hi Devon, just found your blog and was really happy as I went to school in Orange Park!!! Graduated class of '74.

Babbidge Patch said...

Fabulous photos and awesome pic of the Strawberry Vendor :)