Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter...

Good morning,,
Another beautiful day here in North Florida,,springbreak started yesterday all the little kids are out in the neighborhood playing..I wanted to let you all know I will not be having a giveaway this month..I have alot going grandson Max is moving back here in 2 we are flying out to Arizona to get him..his mother will be following shortly..lets just say it is much better for both of them if they were out here..not a good enivoriment for them out there..even thou my daughter would say different..but we had to finally tell her that this is the way it is going to be with Max..and she we are getting the house ready for a 20 month old..we have enjoyed this time just the 2 of us..and it looks like my oldest son might move to floriday sometime he really liked it here..also I gave my 2 week notice at work,,althou I haven't worked there for 3 weeks,,because of slow business so it is for the now I have to work on getting more items in my Etsy store which I will be doing this week,,,I have 4 new sets of stitch markers being listed so watch out for them,,they are really cute..and if you live in North Florida the Quilt store
Old Green Cubboard is going out of business and she sent out an email this morning that one of her friends who owned a cross stitch store brought over all her patterns and linen and it is selling for 50% off..I have enough so I am not even going near that place..Also I wanted to Thank Heather over at Gofita's Page for the award,,at this time I will not be passing them on..but I always love getting them...Well I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter..

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