Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Devon's Violet..

That is what I am calling this series of violets I am stitching,,aren't they pretty,,,violets have alway been one of my favorite flowers.. I remember my mom telling me that growing up in Devon England they would grow wild..This is the first of 6 in which in which I will be stitching..I am going to frame them in little gold frames..they are only 3x3 designs so a group of 6 will look lovely on my wall..and this is the first finish project for 2011...well I hope you enjoy them as much as I have,,Hope you all are having a grand week...cheers..


Carin said...

Ohh the first one is already beautiful. Can't wait to see the next one !

Pumpkin said...

Very cute :o) I love violets as well. Such a lovely flower.

imnverted said...

cute finish. Violets are always so quiet and lovely - just waiting for someone to admire them :)

PoeticMoe said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful - I can almost smell the fragrance.
I have a rose tapestry to do. I haven't started it yet. My eyesight for closework is not so good and I need patience to keep going with any sewing these days. I love to see other people's needlework though.
All the best for the new year!

Alyce said...

That is so pretty! I love the smell of violets. My mom's favorite perfume when I was growing up was violet-scented, so violets always make me think of my mom.