Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here I am Here I am,,,

Hello everyone,,hope this finds you all well and happy that the weather is finally cooling off and the leafs are starting to change well at least somewhere they are changing just not here in Florida yet,,,I have been doing a little stitching and a little sewing,,the drawstring bags are up in my etsy shop,,,and I am hoping to get the cowboy picture done by this weekend,,this momma got her a ipad and that has been taking my time away from other more important things. I am having alot fun with instagram,,if you are on instagram come look me up I am under Devonfl, would love to follow you on there...well I will let you all go for now,,take care and I hope the rest of the week is as awesome as the first half,,till then many many stitches till next time we meet,,


woolwoman said...

I can attest to how beautifully done the drawstring bags are - I am the happy owner of a few I got for gifts. Thanks Devon - hope you enjoy your IPad. Good seeing you last night at guild. Happy knitting and stitching. Melody

Nicola said...

You will love your ipad. I use mine constantly throughout the day for so many different purposes.

Gill - That British Woman said...

the fabric bags are gorgeous, such lovely material.

Thanks for following my blog, I am now a follower of your blog too.

Gill in Canada

Siobhán said...

Love the fabric bags! I love Pam Kitty Morning's fabrics. I would love an iPad but know I'd be hopeless with it. As it is, I am constantly checking my iPhone and so have to place it away from where I sit sometimes so that I can get something done. It's so much fun, though! I'm loving IG!

Nice progress on your cowboy piece!