Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday,,

Good Morning,
It is a bright and sunny morning here in north east Florida and I can tell cool weather is on its way yeahhhh. We are off to the mall to get a accessory for our iPads and to look around. But I just wanted to pop in here to wish you all a Happy and Enjoying day, and may you be blessed in everything you do today. And I am hoping this coming week will be very productive for you, I am challenging myself and anyone else that wants to join me to do at least 1 hour of some kind of craft a day, I know I slacked off last week and Christmas is only 100 days away,,well till next time sending hugs and smiles your way.



Becca :: Making Room in Sicily said...

Just found your blog through Pozie Gets Cozy, and what a cute layout and cozy (haha) atmosphere this blog has!

Donna said...

how is your 1 hour a day challenge going? i certainly can fall into that category,