Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Stitch Markers,,,,

Hello, it has been a good week. I have been really productive, well at least I think I have been, and that is all that counts right. I really think Mr Winter has skip over Florida this year, I am not complaining as the weather is beautiful..and with all the pictures of flower, and bright colors I am ready for spring. Well here are 2 things that I did this morning. They were fun and I think that are adorable..who doesn't love cupcakes or little sheep. My stitching is taking a back burner to my sewing this week, but I am thinking I will be picking it up real soon. I also have a new addiction, it is called Pinterest and that has been taking up to much of my time,,but oh it is fun to look at all the if you are on Pinterest I would be honor for you to follow me. Well you can find these to sets of stitch markers and and more in the Etsy shop. Hope you all are having an awesome week and well catch up again soon,,


Nicola said...

Aren't they cute.

Annette said...

Those are too cute! I love the bright colors of the cupcakes. I'm so addicted to pinterest, but I justify it by trying the recipes, lol!