Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Monday,,,,,,,

Hope this bright and sunny Monday morning finds you all well. Well I am doing the usually Monday things..laundry,dishes,cleaning..and sneaking in some crocheting time. I did make 2 deco podge frames over the weekend.  The cheetah one is for a neighbors daughter who's birthday is tomorrow and the pink and green one is for me..they were easy and fun to do..and the picture below that is a start of a new afghan pattern or me, it is called either Tear Drop or Larksfoot,,I am calling this my African Violet one,,as it reminds me of the colors of is easy peasy and I am really enjoying working on it,,well I hope you all have a very awesome and productive week,,and lets chat soon...hugs


Terri said...

The frames are cute and I really love the crochet you've started! I have one in the works in the same pattern but different colors. I love your color choices! I need to get mine out and work on it!

Deb said...

I love those frames. I've seen some finished a few other places and I'd really love to try that. And I love the crocheting - the colors are so wonderful!