Friday, December 9, 2011

Just a quick little drop in,,,

Hello all,
Well Friday is here, and as I sit here typing up this blog post, I am thinking of what I what to accomplish this coming year. I am not making any New Year resolutions as I am one to never keep them. So I am just going to post what I would like to accomplish this year..And I am sure the list will grow longer as the more I think about all the items I would love to do..but for now I have on 3 things..up first is stitching..

This I am hoping Santa will bring me,,I have loved this kit for this will be my January start if I get it..

And this one I already have it kitted up,,

And on the reading front I would love to read all the OUTLANDER series by Diana Gabaldon. I have done some stitching in the early week, then I was hit with a very nasty flu bug that is still trying to hang I will post pictures in the next post..well I hope you all have a very productive weekend,,and stay healthy..till next time.



Kathleen J. said...

I love the Outlander series and have read all but the latest one. The love story of Jamie and Claire is so good, throw in some history and time travel and really what more could a reader ask for?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you haven't been well. Hope you will soon feel a lot better. Happy stitching and reading!

Anonymous said...

The farm with the alpacas is Chantilly Ridge Alpacas on 415 in Port Orange, Florida.

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness. My very first Shepherd's Bush chart was the Wool Gatherer. I am almost finished with my second one. I hope that Santa puts the 'wool' under your tree. Merry Christmas.

CareyCottage said...

Good Morning! I saw your blog link on Becky's. I finished the Wool Gatherer a few years back and actually won a ribbon at the local stitchers guild. DO purchase the cut matts from Jill Rensel, they're just beautiful.

I'll be cheering you on to finish Wool Gatherer, I loved every second of it!!