Saturday, December 31, 2011

A final finish for 2011

Here he is in all his glory a little finish,,I just love me some cardinals..and I have stitch this one 2 other times for gifts and thought it was time I did one for me,,
And here is an update on Betsy,,I thought for sure I would have her finish before the end of the year but my eye surgery put a stop to that,,she will be done in 2012.

And my new start will be Shepherds Bush The Wool Gatherer. 2011 wasnt that good in finishes for me,,I seem to take a major break from all my crafting during the summer months, even my husband had notice and mention it that I hadn't done any kind of crafts in a long time..
Well I am hoping you all have a Happy New Year, and I cant wait to see all the projects everyone is planning on doing in 2012...cheers and huggs.



Colleen said...

Love your Cardinals. How nice that you gave yourself this present! Betsy is almost done and she looks super. I stitched The Wool Gatherer many years ago. I love the original SB design. Happy New Year.

Annette said...

The cardinals are so sweet. Good for you to give yourself a gift!
Happy New Year!!

Nicola said...

I love your Cardinals and Betsy. Sometimes its good o have a break from stitching you them come back raring to go.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! So glad that you were able to take up your stitching and have these beautiful designs as a result at the end of the year. All the best in every way for the new year!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Devon - thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - I really appreciate it.

I love Betsy! I've never seen that one before :)

Happy New Year!

the striped rose said...

I love Betsy - I love anything Sheepish Designs!

butterfly said...

Just saying Hello.
Love your Cardinals.