Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Monday...

Well another week just flew by and I didnt even see it coming...that seems to be the way things are around here lately...time is going to quick at this rate I wont get everything done I need to get down before Christmas..Yesterday turned out to be a very productive day for me,,infact this past week has,,just not productive enough..oh well what can you do,,it has turned cold again here in Florida and I am loving being wrapped up in a hand crochet blanket watching T.V..just wish this house had a fireplace..I envy you all that have one..well I will let the pictures show you what I have been up to..hopefully I will update this little old blog more then once an week,,till next time,,keep those fingers moving...Merry Christmas..

A Cute llittle Owl Blanket I made for my grandaughter Channing..

I finally finished the Shepherds Bush and Rabbit one into ornaments,,and I stitch and finished the Merry Christmas

This was a freebie on the net,,couldnt resist doing it,,I still have to add the button to square.

And this is an update picture of The Good Ships by Carriage House Sampling

And this is what I did for part of Sunday straighten and organize my fabric,,just imagine a big pile of unfolded fabric on that table..not a pretty picture..

And what you dont see is a scarf I knitted which I think I am going to be keeping for me,,,I still have to put on the that will be in the next post..

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