Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Thursday Everyone..

Well it has been a quiet week here,,nothing really going on..but as I sit at my computer and look at everyones beautiful blogs I got to thinking...of my New Year Resolutions. I have been not so good in keeping them in the past and really dont know why I keep having them. But I guess I am hoping that this year will be the year it happens and all comes in saying that here is my you have New Years Resolutions??Well I hope you all are having a quiet weekend and that you may all have a great weekend...

Devons 2010 New Year Resolution List..

1.Stitch 1 ornament a month
2.Read more then 24 books(not a good year of reading)
3.Make at least 50% of next years christmas presents
4.Crochet at least 1 afghan
5.Read the Bible more
6.Go to church on a regular basis
7.Try out more recipes
8.Bake alot more.

there you go,,now we will see how much I accomplish it durning the year..well have a great weekend and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..



Heather G. said...

Those are some great Resolutions! good luck...I'm still coming up with mine...I'll keep you updated! Hope your Thursday is going great!

Unknown said...

Devon. Thanks for letting me know you couldn't find my blog. I am changing it back to

I just assumed it would redirect people! Never make assumptions!