Friday, July 17, 2009


I am happy today is friday since I have the day off,,,I dont have any big plans for today just to chill out at home and read and do some stitching,,doesn't that sound like a wonderful day to it is to hot here to do anything anyway,,,I might be seeing Harry Potter this afternoon thou and that will be worth going out in the heat for..since I work at a book store I have to say most of my pay goes to books,,and that is not a bad thing,,at least I dont think it is my husband might had a different view of yesterday I picked up a couple of books on the buy 2 get one free table,,and I was wondering if any of you have read these and what you think of them,,,I am trying to read new authors and these sounded like good reads.. Of course anything to do with Jane Austen must be good right???

Onto stitching news,,,I WON the chart over at Anns blog,,I cant believe I won something,,I never I notified Ann right away and hopefully my chart will be here soon...I have been plugging along on Beneath the Sunlit Sky and I am 2/3 of way done,,,it is looking quite pretty..I am really enjoying this pattern...and my up next project with be by The Sampler Girl Return to the Sea with Jane Austen,,and I am itching to start that one..well I have enclosed pictures of my new reads and a updated picture of the stitching,,I hope you enjoy them and if you would leave a comment that would make my day till next time,,,keep reading and stitching...


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