Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Finish,,,,

Happy Day,,

Even thou it is a small project it is still a finish,,this was a fun one to do, I just finished this tonight and I am happy how it turned out..I changed some colors around I used blue for the 1776 instead of brown and I used dmc 321 for the red and a dmc 945 for the face and hand I also outlined the house in blue instead of the brown. I have started Summer House by Little house needlworks which was a freebie I am hoping to have that one done by the 4th of July we will see. Also it is a sad day we have lost 3 great icons that I grew up with, please be in prayer for the families...they will be missed...well the weekend is right around the corner I hope all you fellow bloggers out there will have a great one.

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