Monday, August 13, 2007

I am still here,,,

When is it going to start getting cooler around here,,,I think that is why I am not in the mood to do much,,but I have done a little of everything...I have knitted some more washcloths,,and stitched a little on my projects and sewed some totes to sell..but other then that I just dont have the motivation..we are still trying to move to Texas (Austin area)my husband has been applying for jobs like crazy,,,my daughter started her sophmore year in high school and seems to be enjoying it,,thanks goodness..hours are picking up at work again,,since everyone is back in school that is a good thing,,,well that seems to be all that is going on,,,I have included some pictures of cross stitching projects updated,,,enjoy and thanks for visiting here,,,the purple and white one is done over one on 28ct fabric and is a free french sampler I got off the internet,,the other one is a Little House Needlework one called Bookshelve,,

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