Monday, December 17, 2018

Hello Monday...

Good Morning,
Hope you all had a good weekend. I am working 3 days then off the next 10 days cant wait. I still have all my baking to do as I have been putting it off until the very end. The weather here has been cold and sunny, cold and very wet, and cold and foggy but I will take all 3 as it is this time of year and I want it to feel like winter any way I can get it...I have been crafting some . I am not done with my Christmas shopping yet I am almost there but not quite. We had our EGA Christmas party and it was a success and everyone enjoyed are some pictures of the finished items as we have a chapter challenge every year as our main fund raiser..enjoy the pictures.

And for my crafting that I have been doing..I finished 1 sock. In the Dragqueen colorway by Leadingmenfiberartz. And I am hoping to cast on the other one this week. This is the first time using this yarn and I love it. 
And for the cross stitching part you know I have been doing some of is a finish and a fully finished item..I really have been enjoying stitching these little guys. This is my 3rd one and I see many more in the coming years. 

Well I will leave you here for now..If I don't get back before Christmas here is to wishing you all a Merry Christmas..
Till next time stay well my friends.


henri said...

Great Post Devon.....enjoyed all the photos!
Merry Christmas!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your tree looks lovely, Devon! I love the PS Santa that you stitched and finished. What lovely stitches at your guild meeting! I really like the color of your sock. Enjoy your week!

Jackie's Stitches said...

We sure do have a lot of talent in our guild! You've been really putting out the finishes. Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday season!

woolwoman said...

great post Devon - I love the collage header you created with all your pretty Christmas creations and decorations. Yes our group is a talented bunch of ladies.
Love the sock ! I am so jealous of your sock knitting prowess. Hope to see you at knit night , enjoy your vacation Mel