Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Week begins...

I first want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my new followers and all the beautiful comments you all leave on my blog, it really makes my heart jump to come here and see you all visit and leave such beautiful comments..sometimes we take life for granted and it ends up being way to short..this past week has been an eye opener for me,,a very good friend found out she has a aggressive breast cancer and will start her chemo this Wednesday so if you could please say a prayer for her, also our very own Pumpkin Patch is going thru another hard time with her cancer so please keep her in your prayers,,and then the shooting in Aurora Colorado such tragedy,,my prayers goes out to the victims and their loved ones..such a senseless act of evil..I for one will never understand it..well I have been busy trying to keep my mind busy so here are the pictures to prove it,,I am back to knitting and it was a good thing to work on while yesterday my husband and I sat and watch The Immortals and then Braveheart..well I hope you all have a very blessed week,,and make sure you tell your loved ones that you you love them and give them a hug..till next time..sending hugs from sunny Florida

First up is a scarf I am really enjoying knitting,,I am in love with this yarn,,it is by lion brand there amazing line,,violet is the colorway and I love the colors,,the pattern is called one row scarf I found on Ravelry..this one is for little ole me..

and the next picture is my updated of Good Ships by Carriage House Sampling,,not much but it is something

and here is my progress on my granny strip blanket,,it is about half way done..and I am really enjoying stitching this,,I also started stitching a shepherds ornament will post a picture when it is done,,


Anonymous said...

Love the colors on the blanket. Blue and brown is so modern!

Mary Ann said...

I love the lilac scarf you are knitting, and the brown and blue blanket is looking great! Your cross stitch WIP is looking lovely!! You have been busy.

Barb said...

Yes , life can give us huge challenges! For me , needlework helps calm the seas.

Catherine said...

Thank goodness we have our projects to ease all that life throws at us! Lovely projects!