Friday, August 12, 2011

I am ALIVE...

For those that are still following my blog,,sorry for the absence,,and the sad thing is I really don't have anything interesting or pictures to post..I guess I needed a blog break....The weather here has been really to hot to do anything,,we have been to the pool a few times and to the beach,,which I am in need of a trip very soon,,,having beach withdraws...but I have not pick up or touch a craft item all summer,,again I think the heat has something to do with it,,,
What I have been doing is running,,yes you read that right,,inside on the good ole treadmill..I started out walking,,got up to 4 miles and them I wanted to try my hand at running,,and I am doing it,,I have always wanted to be a runner,,but couldn't run more them 3 minutes at a time,,now I am up to 1.75 miles and I am doing my first 5k Sept 11th,,and loving it...The funny thing is, is that I haven't run in over 27 years(since the army)and I will be turning 50 in the saying goes better late then never,,,I run 3 days a week and walk 2,,I am still enjoying my walking,,and that I can do outside early in the morning pushing my grandson in the jogging stroller,,and the other neat thing about running is I am buying alot of neat running outfits and I am starting to look good in them,, It also has been years since I have worn sleeveless shirts and now that is mostly what I wear..
Well hopefully the fall will be more eventful,,I do have a trip planned to go to Austin,Tx for a friends wedding reception and me and hubby are planning a trip to Georgia mountains to see the fall colors and to Charleston, SC,,so with the cooler weather I will outside more,,well that is about it for now,,,hope you all are having a great summer and staying cooler as best as you can,,,till next time,,,,

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