Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Accomplishments and Febuarys Giveaway..

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend,,it is sunny and bright here today in Florida,,I cant believe January is gone already,,boy did that go by fast..well I did get somethings accomplish this month and that is always a good is my January list:
4 Cross Stitch
3 Sewing
11 Beading
8 Crochet

and I read only 2 books,,sad month for reading I will be working on that in Febuary,,and now onto the Big item for the Day,,,I am having my Febuary Giveway,,and since it is Valentines Day this month (one of my favorite holidays because everything is Pink) I thought of giving away pink items..all you have to do is leave a comment in this post only for 1 entry and post that you a follower new or old for 2 entries..that simple..what you will receive if you are the winner 2 bookmarks, 2 of my crochet dishcloths and a scissor fob..good luck and till next time,,keep those fingers moving..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January is...

A very productive month for me,,I have another cross stitch finish which I cant show you incase the person reads my blog,,it is a present..and I just finish this tote bag for my daughter-in-law for her birthday..I am hoping Febuary will be just as productive..I am also starting a new cross stitch project is the tote bag I is really easy I use kitchen towels 2 of them and sew them together..well till next time,,,keep those fingers moving...

I have been tagged..

By Angela over at Pickles on Pizza
With this award I'm to list 10 things that make me happy and try to do at least one today.Tag 10 bloggers that brighten my day and they are to link back to my blog and make their own 'Makes Me Happy' list.
So here is my list:
1.My Puppies-they are always happy to see me and want to play..
2.My grandkids-they alway put a smile on my face..
3.My Husband-His smile brightens my worse day..
4.Crafting-Lets just say that is what keeps my sanity..
5.Romantic Homes Magazine-Beautiful
6.The Beach-Every worry and concern goes away when I am at the Beach..
7.Drinking Tea-Lady Eary Grey everyday
8.Shabby Chic Decor-So very clean and Pretty
9.The Color Pink-Love it
10. Baking and Cooking-Do it almost everyday..

So there is my Happy/Love list and now to pick 10 bloggers that make me smile and brighten my day..and it is going to be hard to just pick 10..

1. Happy Love Rosie
2.Heather and Archie
4.Mo's Cottage
5.Laura Trevey
6.So Many Memories
7.The Little Red Hen
8.The Samplers Girl
10.Plum Street Samplers

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Pillow Finish...

I am liking finishing these little ones into pillows..its quick and alot cheaper then framing them,,I stitch this little guy last July..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Awesome Giveaway...

I think it is really neat that so many people are having great giveaways,,so go over to my Favorite Blog list and click on Sisters Crafty Creation and enter into the drawing,,and good luck to everyone..

Friday, January 22, 2010

20 Minutes a Day..

In keeping up with the 20 minutes a day resolution,,,I broke out my sewing maching today..I had stitched this piece for a while now and wanted to make a pillow out of it,,I already had the fabric so it was just putting it together,,,and I think it came out quite pretty...

Good Morning..

well the sun is shining here in Florida and I am in a cleaning mood so that is probly what will be happening today,,I will make sure I get my 20 minutes of craft in for sure,,,but I wanted to let you all know that over at Shabbyfufu blog she is having a great giveaway,,it is a signed copy of Rachel Ashwells Shabby Chic book,, so go over to my blog list and scroll down to Shabbyfufuf blog and clic and enter for the giveaway,,I have been wanting this book for along good luck to everyone that signs up..and till next time,,I hope you all are staying warm and dry,,,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My blogging family nice to see you all..I have been busy again,,but alot of it I cant show you..but I can show you a finish,,which is number 2 for me this year..yeahhhh..I really enjoyed stitching this one except they or I switch the numbers on the browns and what was suppose to be light brown is dark brown on my project and vesa a versa ,,and I didnt relize it till it was to late..oh well I still think it turned out pretty..I am ready for all the pretty flowers of spring are you??I also want to say Happy Birthday to my son Josh who is 22 today,,..and there is more news..for all you stitching friends,,I just posted alot of patterns up at Ebay so run over there and have a look you will find me under justdev02,,and last but not least I have an idea going thru my little brain,,I am thinking of starting another blog,,but just for trading..alot of us do crafts or read alot and with the economic situation I thought that we would do trading for items or services,,how does that sound would any of you be interested in doing that..I know I have alot of patterns and some fabric that I would not be using and I also do alot of crafts that alot of you dont do..oh and one more thing,,on Feb 1st I am going to be posting about Feburarys giveaway so keep checking back,,,hope you all are having a lovely day,,till next time..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh my gosh look what I just found...

Add script to a picture and shade it in After I used the application so much better..

Some of you may know about this already but I didnt and I am having a blast with it..take alook for can find this application at

Lookie what just came in the mail...

You know what I will be doing this weekend,,,watching these..second season of The Tudors..and Harry Potter 6..wait..

Fabulous Friday...

CowBoy Flannel Burp Cloths
Rosebud flannel Burp Cloth
Bookmarkers for someone special
A Scissor Fob for a Queen
Let There be Hope Scissor Fob
A Little Cupcake Just for You scissor fob
Hello there blogging buddies...the sun is shining and I am having a good about you all..well I have kept up with the 20 minutes of crafting aday all week long..and all I got to say is WOW..I have made these items and just now put them in my Etsy store..and I have also worked on other items but I cant show you them now they are for my next months giveaway and I cant wait till the 1st of Feb to post it,,I really think you all will like the check back on the 1st to see the goodies..the only thing is my reading time is hurting so I really need a boast to get back to reading..well I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the pictures..till next time keep sewing,crocheting,knitting or reading..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Awesome Giveaway...

Over at Peeking Through The Pages,,,she is having a great giveaway a audio copy of The Swan Thiefs by Elizabeth Kostova,,so go on over there and enter..drawing is Feb 7th,,just click on the Picture to the right of the Book..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

20 MINUTES....

Hello all,
I am hoping you are enjoying yourself on this tuesday...I am..I have joined forces with Marmaladerose with her new years resolution to craft for at least if not more 20 minutes a day..if you would love to join our little but growing group them just click on her link to the right and leave a comment..thank you ever for stopping by..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Manic Monday...

Good morning everyone,,,

Well I have a million things I would love to do today,,my mind is swirling with projects to finish,start and plan,,and of course there is the house to clean..where do I start..well right here of course..I have worked on projects all weekend,,and enjoyed it greatly..I am still working new burp cloths and bookmarks for the shop so come back often as I will be adding new items all the time..I did get 2 blocks done on my April Prairie Schooler pattern,, And I finished another scissor fob that will be in my store today isn't it a cute one just in time for Valentines Day..and then I did Jan ornament Rejoice by Lizzie Kate.. and last but not least I have been reading..and I picked Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonerland and Through the Looking Glass for my Celebrate Author Chanllenge for january..there you have my manic monday,,,wishe me luck,,I think I need to go and get more coffee...
till next time,,keep reading,stitching,

Friday, January 8, 2010


The winner to my very first blog giveaway,,,is Heather from hmsgofita page,,congrats,,please email me your address so I can mail out the pattern to email is hanna_563 at msn dot com...

Fantastic Friday...

Well I have been a busy bee,,,,,,,,I have some more new items in my Etsy Shop and I have started a new stitching project. What are your fantastic friday items....first up my newest is a Prairie Schooler Pattern called April..and then my new Spring Scissor Fobs for my shop...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I have been up to..

New Items in my Etsy Shop..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Book Review,,The Tea Rose

Wow,,The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly,,it is a thick book but one I could not put has love,death,triumph,happiness and action all packed into starts off in East London in 1888 and goes to New York and back to London..I recommend this book if you want to read a good story..and the next on in the series is called Winter Rose..well till next time,,happy reading..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Movie Review..

I know this one has been out for awhile.."Confessions of a Shopaholic" but I just sat down this afternoon and watched it..and I liked is along the same lines as A Devil Wears Prada,,which I also is a cute romantic chic flick that makes you feel good at the end of the movie,,,and of course the main male character has a british accent and we all know you cant go wrong with that,,so like me if you have not seen Confessions of a Shopaholic, due yourself a favor and grab a bag of popcorn and a cup of tea and settle yourself down on your couch or favorite chair and watch a nice romantic chic movie..till next time,,

Yeah a Finish and a Giveaway...


I am happy to say I have a finish for 2010 already,,of course I started it in 2009,,but am happy to have it finish..I really enjoyed stitching this pattern and hope someone out there will to,,as I will be giving it away the pattern since I am done with it..all you have to do is leave me a comment for 1 entry and become a follower for 2 entrys,, I will be drawing the winner on Friday the 8th..hope you are enjoying your sunday till next time..


Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010

Wells it is here so no turning back,,it was weird to hear fireworks last night..We have lived in Arizona for 14 years and they are banned there so when we moved here to Florida and they were selling them in Walmart it was strange to see..oh well the neighbors around us has fun last night..I couldnt sleep so I was up and on the computer surfing book blogs last night and came across Beck's Bood Review and notice she is have a challenge for 2010 it is read an author during the month of their birthday called Celebrate the Author,,I thought that cant be that hard since I didnt do to good on my last we will see here is my list of authors that I will pick from to read that month..and I might be lucky and read more then one who knows..and alot of these authors I picked I already have their books in my library so it will cut down on me buying books which is what I am going to try and work on in the new year also...if you would like to join in the challenge just click on Beckys Book Review on the side bar on on her blog under Beckys hosting these Challenges click on the Celebrate the Author for we go on another wild ride bring on 2010...till next time happy reading, stitching, crocheting and knitting..

J.R.R. Tokien
Phillippa Gregory
Anne River Siddons
Diane Gabaldon
Lewis Carroll

Charles Dickens
Laura Ingall Wilder
Amy Tan

Johanna Lindsey
Cherry Adair

Hans Christian Anderson
Beverly Lewis
Charolette Bronte

Daphne DuMaurier
Mauve Benchy

Kathleen Woodwiess
Joyce Carol Oats

Emilie Richards
Emily Bronte
J.K. Rowling

Danielle Steele
Georgette Heyer

Agathe Christie
Jude Deveraux

Belva Plain
Nora Roberts
Debbie McComber

Karen Marie Moning
C.S. Lewis

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Diane Palmer
Jane Austen