Thursday, January 21, 2010

My blogging family nice to see you all..I have been busy again,,but alot of it I cant show you..but I can show you a finish,,which is number 2 for me this year..yeahhhh..I really enjoyed stitching this one except they or I switch the numbers on the browns and what was suppose to be light brown is dark brown on my project and vesa a versa ,,and I didnt relize it till it was to late..oh well I still think it turned out pretty..I am ready for all the pretty flowers of spring are you??I also want to say Happy Birthday to my son Josh who is 22 today,,..and there is more news..for all you stitching friends,,I just posted alot of patterns up at Ebay so run over there and have a look you will find me under justdev02,,and last but not least I have an idea going thru my little brain,,I am thinking of starting another blog,,but just for trading..alot of us do crafts or read alot and with the economic situation I thought that we would do trading for items or services,,how does that sound would any of you be interested in doing that..I know I have alot of patterns and some fabric that I would not be using and I also do alot of crafts that alot of you dont do..oh and one more thing,,on Feb 1st I am going to be posting about Feburarys giveaway so keep checking back,,,hope you all are having a lovely day,,till next time..


MarmaladeRose said...

It looks lovely, you must be very pleased with it.

Annette said...

That turned out beautiful! The new blog sounds interesting. I will definitely check it out!

Piggy said...

Great design!! Happy Birthday to Josh too! :) My younger brother's name is also Josh (short for Joshua) :)

God Bless

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful finish Devon! If you hadn't of mentioned the browns, I never would have noticed :o)