Monday, November 22, 2010

Momma's Got Her Groove Back..

Now lets hope it stays for awhile...I have had a productive week,,this past week,,I have sewn,knitted,cross stitched,,and it felt great,,we also found out this morning that the house we are renting, they had put it up for sale and now they are taking it off the market and asked if we wanted to rent it for the next 18 months,,so we dont have to move son Jesse is coming in tomarrow for a week to spend Thanksgiving with us,,so that will be fun times..I wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving this year,,I am thankful for a good year,,no major events and I pray for another one,,have a Blessed week everyone,,

Drawstring Pouches that will be going in my Etsy Shop..

A Knitted Scarf for my daughters friend for Christmas,,

My current Cross Stitch Project that I am working on..

A very cute freebie that I couldnt resist doing,,thanks Tanya


Tanya said...

LOVE the colors, Devon. Great finish!

Tanya :)

Devon said...

Thanks Tanya,,I had fun doing this one,,and I can see it done in so many different colors..thanks again for the pattern..

Cynimin said...

Very nice!

pawspraylaugh said...

Was that major intervention or what lol so glad to learn you don't have to move. Moving is a pain for sooo many reasons. Enjoy Thanksgiving and the blessings of God. xo
Monica at

Unknown said...

You most definitely have your groove back! Love your scarf. I used to cross stitch all of the time, but my eyesight just can't handle it without the aid of a magnifying glass! LOL...old eyes!