Friday, February 5, 2010

Fridays Favorites..

Well here it is Friday,,and I am sitting here at my computer wanting to write a post, but I haven't got the foggiest what to write..nothing new is going on,,I haven't done much stitching or sewing this week,,I am reading but will post about that when I am finish with the to get inspiration I start looking and reading other blogs...and then it comes to me,,I will post about some of my favorite things..I always like to see what other people like in case we have something in common and can chat about this is alot brighter then looking outside right now where it is glummy and overcast and threatening to rain..I am hoping this will put me in a more cheerful mood..I sure do miss the is funny I lived in Arizona for 14 years and missed the rain,,now I have the rain and miss the sunshine..go figure..well here are just a couple of my favorites..what are some of your favorite items..

First up is the Color Pink,,I think it is the prettiest color there is and so romantic..
Books,,I love books and I love to read,,,they take you away from your world to another and that lets you escape..

Violets they are up there as my favorites with Daffodils and tulips..

Anything British I am fascinated with the history and people,,of course it does help when ones Mom was from Exeter England and that I was named after a County in England..

And last but not least Tea and Teacups,,,I have a small collection which I am hoping to expand,,but there is something romantic about them..


Annie said...

Hi, I too long for sunshine and can't wait for bright early mornings and longer days oh and the bright yellow dafodils swaying in the breeze. Spring must surely be just around the corner?
A x

Kathleen J. said...

I miss snow sometimes after living in Utah and then I remember Feb. and March up there thinking I am sooooo tired of being cold. Then around Sep. here I am tired of being hot. Maybe there is no perfect place?

SuZeFashion said...

Favorite things ... love the violets, books and teacups, too. Also like teapots (have a small collection), most flowers and the color green, which always reminds me of spring!

Twiglet said...

I saw snowdrops on my walk today so Spring must be just round the corner - thankfully - we have had enough winter and want to see more sunshine now!

Annette said...

We have so much in common!!! I think that's why I started following you early on! We're at the beginning of a snow storm. I could use the sunshine right now too!

Julia said...

Your teacups are beautiful. I just started collecting and only have three right now but hope to add more this summer. I love little decorative tea spoons too.

Pumpkin said...

Favorite things include...bunnies, pumpkins, snowmen, pink, green, autumn, flowers, the ocean...I could go on ;o)