Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays....

Hello Blog world..
Sorry I have been absent, but the holidays and working really kept me busy..I have been knitting alot, mostly scarfs, and some hats, unforuantely I dont have any pictures to show because there were all presents. I have been reading some to I read a book called the Knitting Circle which comes out next month it was a advance copy from work and if you like Debbie MaComber you will like this one. Now I a reading a book called On a Highland Shore by Kathleen Givens, I have read good reviews of it so I thought I would read it. Well Santa was really good to me this year, I got a digital camera all my own...and a brand new Dell Computer which I am using right now..So I will be posting some pictures as soon as I get some. Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year..

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