Monday, July 26, 2010

My oh My...

Where has the time gone,,it has been over a month since my last post,,I am truly sorry...I am still trying to get organize here,,everytime I think I have things under control something sneaks in and slaps me,,,oh well life wouldnt be interesting if it didnt,,so what have I been up to..well lets see..I am in the process of potty training my grandson which I might say is going quit well..he is all trained but at night..and it has been just one keeping fingers cross that this continues..And the exciting news is that I have a new grandaughter,,Channing Grace was born on Wed July 7 weighing in at 6lbs12.9oz and 20 inches long,,she is a little doll..we have gone to a few places Anastasia State Park, and Cedar Key on the Gulf coast both places are very pretty,,Cedar Key is a little fishing town on the Gulf side of Florida and is a cute little town..diffently want to go back there..

We had a wonderful 4th July first time in 14 years we were able to be outside for it,,living in Arizona you cant go outside for very long in the summer but moving to florida we are loving being able to explore and be outside during the day all summer long,,we had a bbq with the neighboors and let off fireworks another thing we couldnt do in Arizona..

Last but not least I am having a Free Shipping sale,,on all my Scissor Fobs in my Etsy Store for this week only,,,I have to make room for new products and I thought this was a good way of doing it,,each week I will be offering free shipping on certain items and it will be to certain places like for the scissor fobs it is only free shipping to the US might be free shipping to Canada next week,,dont know yet you will have to keep an eye out for them,,so come on over to my Etsy Store and check it out..well I better end here I will leave you a picture of our new grandaughter Channing Grace..Hope everyone has a wonderful week,,,